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Whale watching adventure

Bridget Turnspole

Being a mother of three overly hyperactive lads whose ages are all under ten years old can be a tedious and stressful job at most times. It seems like only television or video games can keep them in their seats for more than a couple of minutes. However, I understand completely that relying on the telly or video games to babysit the children is very much unhealthy so that when choosing a summer time destination, my husband and I made sure we went somewhere where there are lots of possible fun, lovely activities that our whole family can enjoy.

When the aeroplane landed in La Paz, Baja California, it was all we could do to keep them boys from running around the place and getting lost in the crowded airport. We picked up our rental car and headed to the hotel where we have booked our two week stay in Baja California. The hotel was really lovely, with very pleasant staff and a wonderful view of the Sea of Cortez. The boys could not wait to get to out hotel room so that they can change into their swimming suits and start enjoying the sunny white sand beach which they can glimpse of from the terraces that we passed by on the way to the room.

The hotel room itself was unexpectedly spacious, what with two bedrooms that have air-conditioning and twin king size beds each. It was all very glitzy as well, with a very large jacuzzi that bubbles up warm relaxing water which is located right at our private terrace. There was also a tub, shower, toilet, sink and a large area in the bathroom for changing nappies and placing towels and some such things. We ordered room service first before doing anything else because the aeroplane food was simply terrible, and after a snack of taco pizzas, burritos and Caesar’s salad, we headed straight to the beach.

We booked a quick yacht tour along the shores of La Paz just to see the sights that I was sure was as splendid as almost everything we have seen in Baja so far. I was worried though that the lads might be bored quickly and start to complain and whine like they usually do. All three looked really lovely and adorable in their little swimming trunks and their life vests strapped around them. For a while, they sat quietly in their seats looking around the islands and views of the Sea of Cortez. I was surprised then when they start shouting quite excitedly that they saw a big fish. When we looked however, the sea was still shifting with lively leaping waves but no big fishy was in sight. After a while however, the exact same thing happened.

A few minutes after, our tour guide pointed out that a colony of gray whales were swimming not far from where our yacht was, and it was these large mammals that the boys caught a glimpse of. When told that what they saw were whales, they were quite amazed and excited, and their little eyes kept on moving rapidly over the water in search of the large mammals they have seen only in books and telly before that summer. A little while later, a humongous one surfaced near the boat and let out a hefty spray of water. The boys squealed their delight, pointing and jumping at the whale. The tour guides seemed to find them all so adorable that they lent them their binoculars and the lads spent the entire hour long boat ride looking for whales and shouting out loud when they see one.

We went to several other whale watching places in La Paz. Others used yachts to take us near the bathing colonies of whales while other whale watching activities took place in the marina or the beach. Several times, the whales came so close to the boats that we could reach out and touch them. I myself was a little afraid but the children were tremendously excited to touch a live whale and they kept on reaching out their tiny hands to brush the slippery skin of the whales. We took plenty of videos and pictures and we even bought the boys whale stuffed animals to take with them as remembrances of our whale watching adventures in Baja California.

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  1. Glad you ejnoyed your visit to our lovely little town. Loved your description of the sea being like a fish soup. Great photos too!

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