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Used Cars from the US are Making their way South of the Border

With the problems of global warming and oil shortage, many Americans and environmentalists appreciate the positive move of car manufacturing companies who are churning out fuel saving, environmentally-friendly vehicles. Slowly, old cars that burn more than the necessary amount of fuel to function, not to mention spew out blinding clouds of black smoke in the process, are being replaced and put aside for newer, more environmentally friendly cars.

The question then is what happens to these old, outdated vehicles that Americans are replacing? And the answer is that they are making their way down south. These old vehicles not just from San Diego and the State of California, but from Nevada, Missouri and other areas in the US, are finding their way to car lots and junk yards in the border cities of Mexico or US border cities such as San Diego.

According to an article by Marla Dickerson in the Los Angeles Times, more than 1 million junk cars from the US crossed the border to Mexico this past 2 and a half years only. Many environmentalists are now voicing out their complaints regarding what is happening since although the US is slowly cleaning its air and preserving more oil, Mexico is moving the opposite directions thanks to the junk vehicles from the US.

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