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Tourists are not Susceptible to Kidnapping in Baja

Due to rumors and reported incidents of drug trafficking, border conflicts and kidnapping committed by organized crime groups in Baja border cities such as Tijuana, Luis Humberto Lopez, coordinator of the International Affairs in the Baja California State District Attorney offices, issued a statement saying that tourists are not usually the targets and victims of high impact crimes such as these in Baja California. Luis Humberto Lopez is also the coordinator for the bilingual public ministries in Baja which and has just recently helped organize the hiring of bilingual agents at the District Attorney offices in Baja to help and assist tourists and visitors.

Lopez said that kidnappers in Baja California usually study and observe their targeted victims before making their move. This means they follow them around to find out their routines, study their schedules, research their extent of their properties and bank accounts and other things related to their way of living. Of course, these things cannot be done on a tourist visiting Baja California for a limited period of time only.

The creation of the new tourist police force and the neighborhood watch patrols in Baja California cities such as Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana have also created a more secure and well-guarded community in Baja California Norte cities. Luis Humberto Lopez further said that he has not heard of a tourist kidnapping case in the State of Baja California. He also added that local, state and federal government levels are working together with foreign tourism departments in order to improve the tourist security situation in the peninsula of Baja California.

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