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Todos Santos craft shopping and art galleries

Todos Santos is an oasis. It is the location where the majestic Sierra de Laguna Mountains, the mighty Pacific Ocean and the wondrous Baja desert terrain meet. Todos Santos is also considered to be the “Bohemian Baja” because of the increasing number of artist residing in this town.

In its unique mixture of simplicity and eccentricity, Todos Santos provides an unforgettable shopping experience. Its laidback and warmth charm is typical that of other Mexican towns. But unlike other Mexican towns, Todos Santos is bombarded with numerous art galleries and specialty stores that sell one-of-a-kind items.

Todos Santos’ small size makes it easier for the people to go from one shop to another. Moreover, most of the shops and galleries are adjacent from each other. Its picturesque surrounding is perfect for leisurely strolls and light shopping. There are also many quaint shops that sell unique items such as ceramics, leather, hand-made clothing, and Mexican crafts.

If you plan on refurbishing your food supply, we recommended that you shop at markets like Super Marcado Gonzalos, La Siempre Viva, Supermercado El Sol, Supermercado Guluarte, and Sueno Tropical.

Super Marcado Gonzales is a supermarket with a wide array of milk, cheeses, ice cream, meats, health foods, wine & liquor to choose from. It is open at 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

La Siempre Vive is the place to shop when you want to buy canned products, fresh produce, batteries and cosmetics. La Siempre Vive is located at the corner of Calle Juarez and Marquez de Leon.

Supermercado El Sol sells groceries, house wares, clothing, and frozen meats. This store opens at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Supermercado El Sol is located on Highway 19 at the south end of Todos Santos.

Supermercado Guluarte is the market to visit when you want to purchase school supplies, clothes, toys and even groceries. It is located at Morelos between Colegio Militar and Calle Juarez. This store opens at 7 a.m. and closes at 9 p.m.

Want all natural vegetables and fruits? The Sueno Tropical sells organic products, that is, pesticide free. This store is located at Pescadero, south of Todos Santos.

There are also many specialty shops in Todos Santos like Artesanias Y Regalos de Baja (glasswork, ceramics, needlepoint and crafts); Artesanias Zahuapan (hand-made serapes, dolls); Bazaar Agua y Sol (jewelries, sculptures); Bellos Caprichos (figurines and sculptures); Bookstore Todos Santos ( all kinds of books); Casa Franco (arts and crafts); Cuco Moyran ( custom made huaraches); Dos Zetas (baskets and hats); El Perico Azul (clothing and clothing accessories); Fenix de Todos Santos (resort wear and gift items); La Fuentas Artesian ( hammocks); Manos Mexicanas (rustic furniture and antiques); Muebles Martin (furnitures); Piero Botique (clothing line); and the Tecolote Libros Bookstore (educational items).

There is a multitude of art galleries in Todos Santos. Some of which are the Centro Cultural “Siglo XXI”, Charles Stewart Gallery and Studio, Galeria El Guayabate, Galeria Logan, Felix Avalos Photo Studio, Galeria de Todos Santos, Margaret McGall Boyes Gallery/Studio, and the Santa Fe Galleria. It is predicted that the number of these galleries will definitely increase in no time.

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