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Todos Santos a Pueblo Magico de Mexico

Down at the foothills of Sierra de la Laguna in the Baja California Peninsula lies a small coastal town that goes by the name of Todos Santos. Located at the Pacific coast side of the peninsula, Todos Santos is a burgeoning tourist vacation spot. A number of beaches are all around Todos Santos, and with a growing number of hotels for tourists, Todos Santos is slowly becoming a premiere hotspot for vacationing tourists! Surfers both professional and amateur frequent Todos Santos for the waves and beautiful beaches! The more popular beaches in Todos Santos are the Playa Las Palmas and the Playa Los Cerritos. These are beaches where the swimming is superb and where visitors most often come back to! Not only are the beaches its main attraction, but Todos Santos has its own unique charm that will surely attract tourists to come back! Full of history and never a dull place, Todos Santos give tourists the time of their lives!

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