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Tijuana Real Estate

Tijuana is one of Mexico’s largest and most popular cities, being located in the Northwestern Mexican state of Baja, California. Its prime location as the city just below the south border (merely 12 miles from San Diego) makes it a popular choice for those interested in investing homes or property, owing to Tijuana’s considerable marketability. Tijuana properties are considered prime real estate in the sense that buyers are conveniently placed within close vicinity of commercial and entertainment establishments.

The shopping and bargaining experiences have drawn Americans over the border for many years, so it comes to no surprise that some have decided to invest in properties within it. Beaches, houses, lots, and condominiums have been put up on the market for those who wish to have a vacation house in Tijuana, or for those who want to set up business in it. On that vein, plenty of foreigners have also decided to invest in prime real estate in Tijuana to build a business, seeing as Tijuana is clearly as shopper and diner’s paradise. Tijuana also carefully balances commercial activity with a thriving preservation for nature—with its coastal beaches, desert regions and vegetation.

Before, the local government of Tijuana has placed great restrictions when it comes to foreigners acquiring properties, understandably due to the never-ending business opportunities and cultural heritage the city has to offer. Recently, laws have been passed allowing foreigners to own real estate in Tijuana, reducing real estate regulations for foreign investors, and increasing the number of US-owned companies providing insurance for other properties. Foreign companies such as Samsung, Kodak, Toyota, Sony, Pioneer, and many other companies have sought properties in Tijuana to build assembly lines.

Business properties aren’t the only sought-after real estate in Tijuana, but luxury homes as well. Tijuana is one of the best places to look for good luxury vacation homes. The magnificent, sprawling golf residency homes of Real del Mar, and the opulent beachfront houses located in Playas de Tijuana, homeowners would find much assurance for comfort and luxury.

For those who prefer simple, convenient properties, two of the currently marketed real estate properties in Tijuana is the Camino Real (Enrique Salcedo Cota), located near the shopping mall district of Zona Rio. Lots for sale are also available in the Colonial Guerrero region, which is near Albino Garcia close to Guadalupe Victoria.

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