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Tijuana City General

Welcome to the largest city in Baja California! Located in the northwestern most part of the peninsula, it is just along the border and is considered as the gateway to Mexico. Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit Tijuana every year. Whether to soak up the culture, or just to have a rolling good time, Tijuana is a fast growing city that is focused on making it a family friendly tourist spot. Attractions and activities of various forms are offered the visitor to Tijuana. The famous Avenida Revolucion is a place brimming with activity! From the teenage students from the United states to the preppy young businessman looking to unwind, Tijuana has a lot to offer in terms of giving a good time to its tourists. Aside from the bustling nightlife of Tijuana, shopping is another favorite here! Especially leather goods, like wallets, jackets, pants and what not, Tijuana is well known for its leather goods at prices well below than that found in the U.S. or anywhere else. Bullfights in the El Toreo arena are also a Tijuana staple that is a must see for tourists! A place for business and pleasure, Tijuana makes sure you get a good dose of the excitement!

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