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Things you can do in Rosarito

Rosarito’s long stretch of beaches make it a great location for water activities. Tourists can enjoy surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and fishing. They can also experience horseback riding on the beach, leading up to the hills and returning to the surf.

A good snorkel and dive spot is in the island right in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Professional and novice divers can explore the pristine underwater sceneries during the summer months, when the ocean surface is calm. Ocean temperatures usually settle to a low 55 degrees Fahrenheit in February and gradually rise to 70 degrees by late August. The Coronado Islands north of Rosarito beach is also a good place to discover the diversity of marine life and appreciate the beauty of underwater topography.

The North Coronado Island, a volcanic rock sticking out steeply from the sea, houses a large colony of sea lions. The underwater structure of the island is made up of a jumble of boulders and reef structures that go down to a depth of 50 to 140 feet. First-time divers can start off with a dive on the lee side which usually has a visibility of 60 feet or more. On better days, divers can catch a glimpse of patches of purple hydrocorals at a depth of 80 feet or deeper.

The Middle Grounds, collectively referring to the Middle Coronado Island and the adjacent smaller rock, hosts several species of sea birds and a small colony of harbor seals. The diving depths are moderate while the deeper portions feature ledges that house a diverse community of sea creatures.

False eel grass can be seen in shallower parts.

South Island, the largest of the island group, is the base of a small naval garrison stationed in the Coronados by the Mexican government. It was once the site of a casino, which flourished during the Prohibition Period in the United States. The island features populations of elephant seals and California sea lions. A large community of invertebrates lives on several offshore reefs on the east side.

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