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Things to do at night in Loreto

To be perfectly honest, Loreto’s nightlife is not exactly as lively as those in La Paz, Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, and most certainly not at all like that in Tijuana. The small Mexican municipality of Loreto in Baja California Sur is what many people who know it would describe as peaceful and quaint. Tourists will not find any red light districts similar to those in Tijuana, nor will they find endless beach parties along Loreto’s shores like those in Los Cabos. The quaint little municipality of Loreto creates a new meaning for the term Baja California nightlife.

The municipality of Loreto can be found somewhere along the southeastern portion of Baja California Sur, where it is snuggly nestled between the impressive peaks of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range and the soothing gentle slopes of shores lining the Sea of Cortez. Many locals and the very few vacationers who continually visit Loreto consider it a little known Baja California secret due to its small town appeal and its uncrowded atmosphere.

Loreto is nothing like most resort towns in the Baja California Peninsula, in fact, not a lot of people would call it a resort town. Loreto is one of the very few places in the lively and widely-visited Baja California Peninsula that is not overrun with tourists and commercial tourist attractions. Nightlife, which many Baja resort towns use in order to attract thousands of tourists, vacationers and party-goers, is something that seems none existent in Loreto.

However, nightlife does exist in Loreto, although it is nothing like the ones in many Baja municipalities where wild parties, spicy red light districts and crowded bars define the night scene. Although a few bars and pubs do exist in Loreto, they are not what you would call hip and happening. Loreto’s bars are mainly small saloons and pubs that have a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Mike’s Bar for instance, one of the most popular bars in Loreto, resembles more of a casual lounge rather than a loud party bar because of its cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Many young tourists and locals hang-out at Mike’s to get a few drinks and to mingle with the other young customers.

The Black and White is another Loreto bar that enjoys a number of late night patrons. This Loreto bar is actually a discotheque where tourists, locals and vacationers can dance to the beat of anything from salsa, hiphop to techno music.

Seaside cafes and restaurants are the principal nightlife destinations of those in Loreto. Honeymooners and couples can normally be seen enjoying each others company in a quiet cafe terrace, eating a romantic dinner in a Loreto seafood restaurant, or strolling hand-in-hand along the pristine beaches.

For a more mellow and relaxing nightlife experience in Baja California, the quaint Mexican town of Loreto is definitely the place to be.

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