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The windows of paradise open wide in los cabos

We all know that Hollywood stars and famous musicians work hard, but they also like to play even harder. After shooting of a future-blockbuster hit or completing a world tour, actors, actresses and music artists are sure to want to wind down and take some time off, probably somewhere out of reach from the craziness of the paparazzi and public eye. And unknown to many, the peninsula of Baja California is one of these handful of havens that the rich and famous fly to enjoy the sand, the sun and the solitude.

From Hollywood in Los Angeles, A-listers can easily drive, take a cruise or fly down to the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula where they would land at the famous resort town of Los Cabos. And here at the edge of Baja, beside the vividly turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez and surrounded by towering mountain ranges with golden desserts at their feet, can be found the windows of paradise wide open in the form of a luxury resort called Las Ventanas Al Paraiso.

When translated to English, Las Ventanas Al Paraiso means the windows to paradise. If you have ever seen the facilities and services that this Baja California offers though, you would know that that is an understatement. Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Resort is not just a window to paradise but it is a piece of paradise in itself.

The Las Ventanas is a well-kept secret hideaway for the affluent and the uber popular. If you want us to drop a few names of celebrity guests who frequent the Las Ventanas Al Paraiso, then you would be pleased to know the like of Robin Williams, the Olsen twins, Kevin Costner, Leonardo DiCaprio, and no less than Barbra Streisand are just some of the famous faces you might get a glimpse of when you come to Las Ventanas in Los Cabos.

Peace, luxury and the natural beauty of Baja are what Las Ventanas Al Paraiso offer to their valued guests. One can come to Las Ventanas and be certain that they would experience a serene and relaxing during the entire length of their stay in this Los Cabos resort. No curious cameras or wandering starstruck eyes would render you vacation, holiday or celebration at the Las Ventanas Al Paraiso stressful since the resort ensures complete privacy and personalized services.

In order to provide guests with sources of enjoyment and relaxation, the Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Los Cabos provides several five-star quality recreational facilities and services. A wonderful spa can be found at Las Ventanas where one can treat the senses to all sorts of massages, body wraps, facials, scrubs, baths, and treatments. An impressive pool that competes with the magnificence of the wide Sea of Cortez is also available to guests at Las Ventanas.

There are more than a hundred rooms and suites in Las Ventanas and all of which are the perfect embodiment of luxury and comfort. But as expected, an overnight stay in a place such as Las Ventanas Al Paraiso can cost quite a hefty price because of the impeccable services and facilities they are known for. The room rate for an overnight start at $725 to a whooping $5,900 depending on the type of suite you choose to stay in. But for sure, the price you pay at Las Ventanas Al Paraiso is worth every cent as you would come to know when you check-in yourself.

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