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The most beautiful beaches in the world at Cabo

The sun and sea are the number one reasons why thousands of people from all over the world come to the peninsula of Baja California every day of every year. You would expect that many of these tourists vacationers, especially those crossing the international border from San Diego, would much rather stay in places like Tijuana or Mexicali which are closer to the border. Howeve, the resort town of Cabo San Lucas is found in the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula, farthest from the border compared to any other municipality, yet it continue to be one of the most well-visited places in the entire Baja peninsula.

The reason why people travel south to the farthest regions of Baja California when there are plenty of other beaches and resorts nearer the international border is because of the well known fact that Cabo San Lucas is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Baja California and in the entire country of Mexico.

Found at the southwestern region of Baja, Cabo San Lucas boasts of beautiful beaches which are too many to mention. However here is a list of just some of the notable Cabo beaches you are sure to want to visit.

Santa Maria Bay
A great Cabo beach to bring the family is the Santa Maria Bay. When viewed from atop, this unbelievably beautiful bay forms a perfect crescent shape of golden white sand with turquoise and aquamarine glittering waves at the center. And at either side of the crescent bay are magnificent Baja coastal mountain ranges that are clearly reflected on the surface of the water creating a very picturesque scene. Families will enjoy swimming and snorkeling in this naturally protected Cabo bay.

Whale’s Head Beach
Scuba diving and snorkeling in Whale’s Head are unparalleled anywhere else in Cabo. Years ago, some large ships from Spanish fleets have sunk into the blue depths of the Pacific Ocean and have been part of the marine ecosystem ever since. Corals, seaweeds, starfishes and clams have wrapped themselves around the sunken ships. Small fishes and large marine animals have made the ships their feeding grounds and homes. These sunken ships are now great tourist attractions for those who wish to dive and explore the secrets and wonders of these Cabo underwater spectacles.

Lover’s Beach
Ahhh! Lover’s Beach! Now this is the ultimate romantic destination that couples, lovers and honeymooners from all over the world should definitely visit. This small and secluded little nook of a beach features large boulders and rocks of vivid colors contrasting greatly with the brilliant blue of the ocean. The quiet, scenic atmosphere of Lover’s Beach makes it an ideal place for a couple’s picnic or a walk along the beach at sunset.

Land’s End
And finally, what article about Cabo San Lucas beaches would be complete with the mention of the magnificent Land’s End Arch Beach. Found at the very tip of the peninsula, this impressive geographic formation forms a towering natural arch of cliffs and rocks stretching to the beach and all the way towards the water sea. Land’s End is nothing short of unforgettably beautiful and breathtaking.

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