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The most beautiful beaches in La Paz

Baja California Sur’s capital La Paz is perhaps best known for its long stretches of soft white sand beaches, lapped at the edges by the turquoise waves of the bio-diverse Sea of Cortez (which also goes by the name Gulf of California). Whether you want to swim, snorkel, dive, kayak, stroll, play, frolic or just plain lie down and sunbathe, you can bet that the shell-smattered La Paz beaches will provide you with some of the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

Because of La Paz’s close relationship with its marine life – parts of its economy are based on fishing and sometimes pearl diving – it is therefore not surprising that this coastal city hosts three marine biology institutes (the foremost in Latin America). It is also an internationally-protected bio-reserve, and it is this very fact that attracts many tourists – individuals, couples, honeymooners or families – to the breathtaking beaches of La Paz. It is for these reasons – this boom in the popularity of La Paz’s eco-tours as well as the importance of studying life in its waters – that La Paz takes care to have really clean shores. Entire crews of workers are hired to tidy the beaches practically daily.

Beaches in La Paz are each generally favored for the features or activities locals and visitors alike associate them with. El Tecolote, for example, is popular among members of the more active crowd. Visitors of El Tecolote indulge in the usual La Paz beach sports like water-skiing, jet-skiing (there are even contests in this), sailing, rowing, diving and snorkeling. There’s also an occasional racing event involving commercial boats.

There are others that are favored for their easy accessibility. Located right by the central ports of La Paz proper, Pichilingue can be seen as a “quickie” vacation spot for residents of the coastal capital. This La Paz beach is best known for its awe-inspiring sunsets and its seafood, often indulged in by La Paz professionals or businessmen in business trips.

Other La Paz beaches, such as El Tesoro (also known as The Treasure in English) are tourist favorites because of peculiar events that are connected with them. For example, El Tesoro was discovered to have been home to some buried treasure (thus its name). This sense of quirky history, coupled with its warm, shallow waters, makes La Paz’s El Tesoro beach – located a kilometer away from Pichilingue –
ideal for family vacations.

Some tourists, however, come not for the history or the general beach activities and experiences but for the aesthetics. Balandra (also known as slope in English) is the most photogenic beach in La Paz. Located at the end of the trans-peninsular highway, this La Paz beach attracts visitors from all over the globe who find its naturally-formed rock formation (which happens to be shaped like a huge mushroom) an object of fascination.

La Paz beaches like El Coromel are standard beaches, but still attract travelers with their clear Curacao-colored waters and their confectioner sugar sand. So whether you prefer to have a unique beach vacation with much excitement, or just a quiet trip to take in the view of the ocean’s expanse, La Paz will never leave you wanting.

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