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The best things to do in La Paz

One of the more important regional commercial centers in Mexico is the capital of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, La Paz in the municipality of La Paz. Situated in between picturesque coastal mountains and the Bay of La Paz, the city is a most charming and beautiful city. La Paz is also a very accommodating city for tourists, in fact there is a five block strip of shops that cater to tourists. The Malecon is a romantic place for seaside walks, and if you?re more the adventurous type, La Paz is also a popular destination for scuba divers. Enjoy the underwater flora and fauna, or you can relax at one of La Paz?s pristine white sand beaches. La Paz also offer tourists yachting, sailing and ecotourism trips! There are also several annual events that are worth visiting in La Paz, including Carnaval, fishing competitions and the Nautical Cup. If you are looking for a vacation spot that offers variety, La Paz is the spice in the travel soup.

Diving – La Paz, Baja California Sur is best known for its clear, beautiful waters that not only provide livelihood for the locals but also enjoyment for visitors. The incredible marine life which make their home in or even just pass through the seas attract a lot of interest, both intellectual (La Paz is home to three marine biology institutes, all the foremost in Latin America) and personal.

Camping – La Paz in Baja California Sur, being part of an internationally protected eco-sphere, is among the world’s most popular eco-tourism spots all over the world. All the wonders of nature peculiar to La Paz have been wonderfully preserved despite the quickly-progressing development of the charming city.

Beaches – Baja California Sur’s capital La Paz is perhaps best known for its long stretches of soft white sand beaches, lapped at the edges by the turquoise waves of the bio-diverse Sea of Cortez (which also goes by the name Gulf of California).

Fishing – Being close to the ocean, much La Paz’s economy is connected to the sea – from tourism geared towards the promotion of its beaches, to pearl diving and, of course, fishing.

Golfing – The most ambitious undertaking involves the Bahia de los Sue?os, which is a resort that began construction in 2002. It is to host two golf courses – one a full eighteen-hole deal and the other a 6-hole “barefoot” informal course – designed by famous golf landscaping architect Tom Doak.

Hotels – Primarily because so many tourists are attracted to all the things that La Paz offers by ways of experience, hotels have begun springing up to accommodate travelers of all types: from tired budget backpackers to credit card cosmopolites and financially fit families.

Nightlife – Of course, there are the usual suspects: bars and discos and dance clubs, oh my! The nightlife in La Paz is filled with music, which range from traditional Mexican (Mariachi bands are known to roam the beach front area), to techno and rock.

Real Estate – Real estate in Baja California is quite possibly the most desirable (if not simply among the most desirable) pieces of intransitive property in the whole world. Whether you’d prefer to buy private estates for personal satisfaction or property for commercial development, you might discover that the things that make Baja California appealing for visitors and tourists are also the things that make land in that peninsula so valuable.

Restaurants – Restaurants in La Paz offer you an entire selection of food which range from traditional Mexican to European fare. Many claim that you can find gastric gems anywhere in La Paz, from its little food carts to its fancy restaurants.

Shopping – Like any other tourist destination, Baja California Sur’s capital La Paz makes sure that its visitors can have anything they want and need, reasonably and conveniently.

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