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The best for surfing in Todos Santos

Baja California is renowned for a lot of things. Sport fishing, scuba diving, and of course, surfing. Surfing in Baja is one of the more popular in the list of activities available for the tourist on vacation. Hotels that cater to these tourists also abound all around Baja, but one of the more popular surfing destinations in Mexico is Todos Santos.

Located along the coast off Sierra de la Laguna, Todos Santos has been for centuries an escape option for those that need escaping. From the missionaries of long ago taking refuge from angry villagers, to the rich and wealthy of nearby La Paz looking for somewhere to vacation from the blistering heat on the Gulf side, Todos Santos always welcomed those who need it. A humble village which boasts not a whole lot, Todos Santos is slowly expanding to be a popular tourist vacation destination, from hotels sprouting up, to surfing spots and surf shops opening for business and, a clear cut sign of its growing tourist industry, an English-language bookstore among many others. Though this growth may seem a sign of disrepair in terms of living peacefully and humbly, Todos Santos still maintain its look and feel of being a quiet little fishing village. Hotels aren’t that rampant as with the other resort areas in Mexico, but still manage to make visitors welcome and make their vacation comfortable.

Though slowly gaining popularity as a surfing district and a tourist destination, many of those who vacation in Todos Santos also seek the quiet and calm of its natural beauty. Largely untouched and unspoiled, Todos Santos is one of the few places in Mexico where the sea turtles still lay their eggs on the beach and a fishermen’s cooperative selling their daily catch on the shore off town. Though hotels are rising and people are flocking to Todos Santos, the rural ambience of this humble town still manages to charm.

For those who wish to live outside their hotels and learn more about the beauty and excitement that Todos Santos offers, the world of surfing is close by. Die hard surfing fans, both beginner and professional types, are drawn to Mexico, particularly Todos Santos for its reliable breaks. The Los Cerritos, La Pastora, and San Pedrito are a few of these breaks. Though the city is slowly being developed for the tourist industry, people ho wish to vacation here for the peace need not fret since Todos Santos is, despite its slowly being a tourist destination, still as humble as it was save for a few technological leaps to make life more comfortable.

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