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The amazing nature in Bahia Asuncion

Bird watching is a hobby and an interest that unfortunately does not find a wider, more enthusiastic audience unlike fishing, gardening or golfing. One reason one this is probably so is the fact that there is a rapid decrease in the number of bird species as well as bird habitats which birdwatchers could enjoy seeing, exploring, and studying. Thankfully, there still remains some few places on the planet that allow for this interesting and enjoyable hobby, and one of these limited places includes the fishing town of Bahía Asunción in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico.

Bahía Asunción, being located within the largest Latin American biosphere preserve called the EL Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve, is home to numerous bird species. Some of these birds can be found in Bahía Asunción all throughout the year where they rule the desert skies or lounge in the shore rocks although some of them can only be seen there during certain seasons and times of the year.

Because of the richness in natural wonders at the El Vizcaino Biosphere Preserve, it comes as no surprise that birds choose to migrate and nest here. We can be thankful that El Vizcaino was kept intact since if not for this, bird watching here would probably be quite boring and uneventful since not migratory birds can barely be seen otherwise.

Whether you are an amateur or an expert bird watcher, you are sure to find your Bahía Asunción birdwatching experience quite interesting. The osprey, which many also call the sea hawk or fish eagle, is a kind of predatory bird that mainly feeds on fish. It can easily b spotted when you go bird watching along the shores and beaches of Bahía Asunción where they continually circle the sky looking for fish to eat.

Cormorants is a family of birds that many people call seabirds precisely because they are usually spotted near oceans, seas and large bodies of water. These birds, like the osprey, also feeds on fish and because there are plenty of those in Bahía Asunción, birdwatchers are certain to spot several species in this family when in Bahía Asunción. Larger birds that can be found along the beaches and shores of Bahía Asunción also include pelicans, herons and of course, seagulls.

There are also plenty of small, medium size and large bird species that are not necessarily found near the ocean which bird watchers can observe in Bahía Asunción. Some of these migratory birds feed on small animals and insects in the desert such as hawks, while others are small seed- and insect-eating bird species that one can regularly see sitting atop a lamp post or along an electric wire in flocks.

If you are looking for a new and different kind of hobby or outdoor nature activity, why not try bird watching in Bahía Asunción and you might just find out that watching the sky is also the thing for you.

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