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The 22nd Annual Tecate SCORE coming to San Felipe

A much awaited upcoming event is just a few nights sleep away so be sure you have already booked lodgings in San Felipe, Baja California to avoid competing with the rush of tourists and visitors coming to the area. The 22nd Tecate SCORE which is held every year would again take place in San Felipe, Baja California. The said event would allow vans, trucks, motorcycles, race carts, ATVs and cars to compete in the race.

The Tecate SCORE involves a difficult and long 232-mile race course which should be completed within the time limit set to 10 hours. The 14th of March 2008 which is a Friday, would take place all the technical part precluding the event which involves inspection of participant vehicles and race course. The following day, March 15 Saturday, the event would quickly start for motorcycles and ATVs who would leave the starting line at 6 am. Cars and trucks would soon follow at exactly 9:30 that same morning. The awarding of trophies however, would be held the following day, March 16, 2008 just beyond the Beachcomber facing the Malecon.

For questions and further information, feel free to visit their website which is or call (818) 225-8402.

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