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Along with Tijuana and Mexicali, Tecate is the third of three border cities one would find in the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico. Surprisingly though, the small city of Tecate resembles not its fellow border cities in Baja but has more in common with the small, rustic villages and towns usually found in central Baja California.

Compared to the international border crossing highways in Mexicali and Tijuana, that of Tecate’s is heaven in terms of traffic and pollution. The sheer amount of cars, buses, tourist shuttles and trucks that pass through the international border crossing highways leading to and away from Tijuana and Mexicali is just overwhelming. Millions of tourists, commuters and workers use these highways which can make the trip quite difficult specially on weekends and holidays. But if you use the one in Tecate, you would find a pleasanter and quieter, although longer, trip to and from Baja California.

But when you have already crossed the border and find yourself in Tecate, what do you suppose there is it see, experience and discover? Well another difference with Tijuana, Mexicali and many other Baja cities which Tecate has is the rather cool and wet climate that this small Mexican city possesses. Tecate City is located on a pretty high elevated ground which provides its with a cooler climate and more rainfall. Its location, being beside the Sea of Cortez, also provides it with very fertile soil and plenty of water supply. The desert ambiance that most Baja cities have seem to blend with a milder climate in this area, transforming Tecate into a city perfect for both agriculture and tourism.

And speaking of tourism, one would also find the city of Tecate to have a flourishing tourism industry. The peaceful, small-town feel of Tecate lends it a charming and quaint feel which its neighboring cities cannot offer to tourists, expats, retirees and locals. The fertile lands lead to the growth of lush greeneries which lend freshness and vitality to the cityscape. Tecate also has a very rich culture which tourists would of course feel naturally inclined to. Festivals and fiestas by their dozens are often celebrated in Tecate and these festivals include the Virgen de Guadalupe Festival on December of every year and Vendimia’s Party held every July.

Tourists would also be inclined to visit resorts, spas and recreational facilities especially when coming to any town of city in Baja California. Tecate City is also home to numerous hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and spas which tourists and vacationers are sure to love. Some of the most popular include the Rancho Los Chabacanos, Rancho La Puerta, Hacienda Santa Veronica and the Rancho Ojai. These resorts in Tecate are surrounded by the scenic and charming colonial houses and buildings which Tecate City, Baja California is known for.

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