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Tecate beer and brewery

Beer drinkers rejoice because we have found a city specifically built around a beer brewing facility! Yes, the city of Tecate in the peninsula of Baja California is famous for is beer which locals are very proud of as its taste and name is known and loved all over the world.

Called Cerveza Tecate, this unique beer made in the Tecate Beer Brewery holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of beer drinkers everywhere. This most profitable golden and bubbly substance surprisingly traces its roots as early as 1944, yet although it has none of the centuries long history as some beers, its quality and taste is undeniably something one cannot help but love.

The Tecate Beer Brewery was founded by Alberto Aldrete who had the inspired idea to turn a former vegetable oil factory into a beer brewery. His idea kicked off almost immediately, and the beer he named after the beautiful city where his facilities are located constantly gained acclaim and recognition. Ten years later in 1954, Aldrete sold the brewery and company to someone with more experience in the beer industry, one Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, a very big name when it comes to Mexican beer brewery. With this new owner, the Tecate Beer Brewery continued its ascent to fame and soon enough, there was not a bar, pub or tavern in the city or in the nearby Baja cities that did not serve Cerveza Tecate.

Not only that, but even tourists thought it a shame to visit the city of Tecate and not getting a car or bottle of this delicious bitter sweet drink in the city where it is made in. The brewery which is found in the middle of Tecate fills surrounding areas with the slightly intoxicating and delicious smell of brewing beer. And whether it is a cool dry night or a hot Baja afternoon, the smell can instantly make you want to gulp down some of that golden deliciousness and feel it cooling your throat and body.

For a city known for its beer though, Tecate sure has a rather slow nightlife compared to Los Cabos or Tijuana. This is understandably so probably because of the overall laid back and rustic feel that the city exudes in general. You would be hard put to find any hip nightclubs or modern bars in this Baja California city, however, you can find several friendly, casual taverns, pubs and bars that serve drinks and offers you good company.

Consistent with the ranch atmosphere of the city and surrounding areas, Tecate bars and pubs can also remind you of cowboy salons and small-town pubs where you can lay back in your seat, put up your shoes, and enjoy the music of a Mexican band or the natural sounds of the outdoors while drinking a pint of foamy, ice cold Tecate Cerveza.

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