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Surfsipuedes and the Bajasur Tour

By Meghan Fitzpatrick



What is Surfsipuedes and the Bajasur Tour? The Bajasur Tour is a surf circuit of Baja California Sur, Mexico. The first tour of its kind, the Bajasur Tour aims to promote the sport and culture of surfing in Mexico. The tour cycle consists of four main events or days. Surfers earn points at each of the events or competition days on the tour, and the surfer with the most points at the end of competition wins.  Surfsipuedes is a Mexican surf company “dedicated to promoting the sport and culture of surfing in Mexico.” In addition to running the Bajasur Tour, Surfsipuedes manufactures and sells custom surf boards and surf apparel. On their website you can find information about surf lessons and surf trips, the surf forecast for Mexico, and an online store where you can purchase their surf boards and surf apparel.

But back to Surfsipuedes and the Bajasur Tour:  There is only one winner in the event. This year, the competition is comprised of four categories – Open Mens, Open Womens, 16 and under, and 30 and over. All of the events are held under the ISA rules and regulations, in accordance to the Mexican Surfing Federation, and all events are open to the public. The first leg of the 2012 tour was held on June 9th, on the Costa Azul Beach. The second leg was on the East Cape of San Jose, at Shipwreck Beach, on September 22nd. Both events were very successful.

Mau Rivero, who founded Surfsipuedes in order to promote the sport and culture of surfing, describes his vision of the Bajasur Tour by saying, “I always envisioned the Bajasur Tour as a great way to promote surfing in the state of Baja California Sur, as well as the different surfing spots that provide great waves. However, the main reason I initiated these contests was to provide the local surf community with a surfing circuit that will allow our kids to improve their surfing skills and help them compete both nationally and internationally.”


Surfsipuedes and the Bajasur Tour: October 27 at San Pedrito Beach

The next leg of the Bajasur Tour will take place this Friday, October 27th at San Pedrito Beach in Pescadero. This is a long, wide and flat beach, ideal for such a competition, both for competitors and spectators. The fourth and final leg of the competition will take place on December 22nd at Cerritos Beach. An ideal time of year for the final event on this tour, this event is sure draw crowds so close to Christmas and being

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