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Surf in Rosarito beach surfbreak

Rosarito’s long stretch of coastline and excellent surf breaks makes it a good site for surfing. The beaches in the town area are more appropriate for body surfing (surfing the waves without a board) and boogie boarding (riding a wave using a bodyboard) rather than surfing mainly because of the inconsistent shape of the waves. The waves get large but they are often walled up. The recent addition of the Rosarito Beach Pier could provide some relief in the way of sandbars. The area in the northern end of the beach between the two jetties is said to provide a good wave every now and then.

The shape of the waves improve as you go south of Rosarito, particularly in the areas where the cliffs start. One of the good places for surfing is in Calafia, six miles south of Rosarito Beach on the free road. You could surf right under the terraces of the Calafia Resort. Be careful of the sharp rocks though; better use booties to protect your feet.

Another surfing location is north of the city, a 20-mile stretch between Baja Malibu and La Fonda/La Mision. It provides a more consistent break and the waves are hollow and powerful. There are also better surf sites in Salsipuedes, San Miguel, and Punta San Jose but these are already fairly drives from downtown Rosarito.

Tony’s Surf Shop along Benito Juarez Boulevard provides surfing supplies and is also a good source of updates on coast conditions. The Inner Reef Surf Shop about 10 minutes south of Rosarito Beach also offers rentals and sale of Boogie boards, surf boards, wet suits, and other surfing equipment. The staff also provides useful information on surfing gear and on the locations of good breaks.

The local surfing industry should get a good boost when Rosarito Beach hosts the Mexican National Surfing Championships on September 2007. The annual competition, which also includes various contests, music and other entertainment, is expected to draw around 5,000 people.

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