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Suntron Awarded New Contract and Plasma TV Parts to be Made in Tijuana

It seems like we would be seeing a new export product from Tijuana City in Baja California, this time, it is going to be complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies or PCBAs which would be used in manufacturing plasma televisions.

According to an article posted on the Earth Times, Suntron Corporation, which is known as a top provider of manufacturing solutions for electronics, informed the presses that an agreement with Celco California Inc. and themselves would lead to their manufacturing of complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. Celco California Inc. on the other hand, is a leading provider of television Printed Circuit Board Assemblies to the electronic consumer market.

Suntron Corporation has six facilities in North America but they chose to manufacture these PCBA’s in their Tijuana, Baja California facilities. The city of Tijuana is known for its manquiladoras industry, a manquiladora or a manquila meaning a kind of factory or assembly plant, and Suntron is one of the many companies that have a manquiladora in Tijuana, Baja California.

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