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Students and Teachers from US tasked to help Improve Rosarito

It seems like it is not just the locals and government officials of Rosarito that are taking an active part in improving the image of their fair city. “Rediscover Rosarito” is a new school task whose aim is to improve the image of Rosarito City in the hopes of getting over the unattractive image caused by increased crime rates last year in Baja California.

A group of twelve composed of both students and teachers from the Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts visited the office of Rosarito Mayor Hugh Torres Chabert to propose their draft of the project. These students from Boston are taking up a Masters course in Management and Communications from Emerson College, Boston which has a good reputation for educating professionals in the field of communication.

The aim of the group on visiting Rosarito Beach is to get an idea of the current situation of the city’s condition. In the hopes of avoiding second-hand information and biased impressions from fellow tourists, the group plans to emerge themselves into Rosarito City. They have already conducted interviews and talked with local residents, American citizens living in Rosarito, tourists and officials in the different sectors of the local government.

The main goal of this project is to research and investigate the different factors that affect the City of Rosarito, including local tourism, economy, politics etc. The students and teachers plan to accomplish this with the help of experts in crisis management, consultants, educators and fellwo researchers and possibly come up with a plan that will involve strategies in managing crisis in relation to political and public communication.

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