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Streets of Tijuana Protected from Corrupt Police Officials

To further the campaign against crime and corruption in Tijuana, the new tourism security agency has started patrolling Tijuana’s streets and public venues in order to identify and apprehend suspected corrupt police officers. This campaign was done in order to protect tourists and foreigners from extortion which previews reports suggest are done by corrupt police officers or criminals posing as police officials.

The branch of government responsible for these proactive steps is the Secretaria de Turismo del Estado or the Secretariat of Tourism Secture of Baja California. These patrols are expected to improve the safety and security of both locals and tourists when traveling, shopping, touring and doing other recreational activities which involve going outdoors.

Some of the streets and avenues these tourism security patrols would involve are popular tourist spots such as the Avenida Revolucion or the Revolution Avenue, the Zona Rio and the International Avenue. Other streets usually flocked by tourists such as shopping districts, entertainment districts and commercial areas are also to be covered by these preemptive security patrols.

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