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Spring Break in Baja, from Fiestas to Shopping.

Spring Break in Baja:  From fiestas to shopping, here are some ideas as to where and why you should spend spring break in Baja.

By Meghan Fitzpatrick.

Break cover photo by Edgar Lima.

Spring Break in Baja.

Welcome to Spring Break in Baja! If you’re planning on passing your spring break here, you have quite a selection of things you can do and places to go. Some of Baja’s favorite spring break hot spots include Rosarito, Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and San Felipe.  And, for those spring breakers who are looking for peace and quiet instead of fiestas, the Bahia Asuncion region of Baja has something a bit different to offer this year — La Bocana, where you can almost hear the whales spouting and where the beaches offer the world’s best place for a private party.

Spring Break in Baja? The Rosarito Beach Hotel!

1.  Rosarito: Just south of the US border at San Diego by about 25 minutes is Rosarito, a haven for thousands of Americans and Canadians who have chosen to move here and now call this place home. Annually, they experience the invasion of ‘spring breakers’, who come for the crazy party scenes that are frequently found in Rosarito.  But Rosarito has evolved (as have the ‘spring breakers’) away from the insanity of yesterday; today’s spring break in Rosarito is family friendly and fun.  In addition to bouncing bars and clubs, the friendly city of Rosarito boasts many calm and relaxing activities. True, places like the Festival Plaza Hotel and the famous Papas & Beer will be ‘busting’ at the seams with party-ers, and local hotels, beaches and restaurants are sure to be busy.  But people of all ages can find things to do for spring break, including popular activities like beach-front horse-back riding, shopping and fantastic dining by the sea. The Rosarito Beach Hotel is also a great place to spend a romantic evening. And then there is the world-renowned Lobster Village of Puerto Nuevo…lobster, beer, rice and beans? Now, that’s what I call ‘spring break’!

After a day of wine-tasting in Ensenada, visit Ochento's for some pizza and music.

2.  Ensenada:  About an hour south of the US border, is the bustling port town of Ensenada. Eating and drinking are among some of the biggest attractions that draw people to this city. Spring breakers will definitely fill up Hussong’s, the supposed birthplace of the Margarita. Wine tasting is another great activity in Ensenada’s Valle de Guadalupe, with its more than 70 (some say nearly 100) wineries.  Want to follow up your wine-tasting with a great dinner for not a lot of money?  Try Ochento’s pizza in the wine valley, near San Antonio de las Minas!   In the town of Ensenada, great seafood rules the day and can be eaten in charming wharf-front restaurants like Muelle Tres or at world-famous food trucks, like La Guerrerense. And then, there is the fun shopping along the main drag of Lopez Mateos…great knock-off purses, silver jewelry (Los Castillos and Marios must be visited) that is high-quality, and much more.

Spring Break in Baja? What about Mango Deck in Cabo...

3.  Cabo San Lucas: Cabo is definitely a spring break hot-spot. Home to some of the best resorts in the country (and the world), families and singles can find plenty to do in Cabo for Spring Break. Firstly, the Beaches of Cabo are plenty, and they offer all kinds of activities – from fishing trips, snorkeling, jet skiing, sun bathing and partying. Medano Beach is certainly the famous party spot for spring breakers, at the infamous Mango Deck. Other beaches further away from the marina offer quieter, more peaceful experiences. The nightclubs of Cabo are generally packed during spring break – from the end of February until April, with DJ’s flying in from all over the world to entertain the clubbers for their college (and high school) spring breaks. Restaurants are also in abundance in Cabo, from tacos to fine dining.  You can really do just about anything in this great Baja Sur city.

High Tide Sea Expeditions offers fun activities for spring breakers.

4.  San Jose del Cabo: About 20 miles away from Cabo San Lucas sits the quiet and picturesque San Jose del Cabo. While this little town is not known for drawing crazy spring breakers, it is known for its beautiful art work and galleries, as well as its excellent fine dining options, like Deckman’s San Jose. San Jose del Cabo also has some excellent surf and kayaking spots and High Tide Sea Expeditions is an expert resource for those looking to mix a little aqua action in with their spring fun.

San Felipe is a fun place for Spring Break in Baja

5. San Felipe:  Located in northern Baja, south of Mexicali (east of Ensenada) and on the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is a beautiful and tranquil little resort town. Originally a small fishing village, the warm climate and beautiful setting of San Felipe — surrounded as it is by azure waters — has made this burg grow into a very popular seasonal retirement and adventure travel community; a number of resorts are now popping up all over the city, including the great vacation rental spot of El Dorado Ranch. The Las Caras golf course is a challenging way to spend the day in the blinding beauty of the Sea of Cortez sunshine. This is a great place for families who want to relax on the beach and enjoy excellent seafood!  With numerous springtime festivals — and a plethora of interesting bars and clubs — San Felipe rocks.

Spring Break in Baja can also mean getting away from it all in La Bocana, Bahia Asuncion.

NEW IN 2013!  6.  La Bocana:  This is not an intuitive adventure, be assured.  This get-away is for spring breakers who want to truly remove themselves from it all and experience nature one-on-one in remote beauty.  About nine miles from Abreojos, part of the San Ignacio Lagoon in the Bahia Asuncion region, La Bocana is best known for its sport fishing.  Fishing guides and the sport fishing boats are available through the fishing co-op.  Now, in 2013, La Bocana is introducing rustic cabins that provide comfort and privacy…and a perfect spot for spring breakers to sit around the campfire and take in a glowing Baja sunset.


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