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Sport fishing in Loreto beautiful town in Mexico

The Gulf of California (more popularly called by locals as the Mar de Cortes or Sea of Cortez) is considered by many as the most biologically diverse water form in the planet. Since more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, that makes the coastline running along the Sea of Cortez one of the best places on the planet to fish in.

The city of Loreto is currently the capital of the Baja California Sur municipality of the same name. This charming little city is located at the eastern portion of the Baja California Peninsula, sandwiched between the desert dunes and mountain ranges of the peninsula and the vast lively waters of the Sea of Cortez. Like many Baja Peninsula municipalities that have access to the abundant resources of the Sea of Cortez, fishing is also the principal source of living in Loreto.

Because the abundance and diversity of fishes swimming in it, the Sea of Cortez is like an open coffer of silvery, slippery marine life where hungry Loreto fisher folks can easily pluck away at its surface whenever the need arises. However, fishing in Loreto is not just limited to the simple act of catching fish for eating. Loreto, Baja California Sur has also developed a worldwide reputation of being a truly wonderful place for recreational and sports fishing.

The northern portion of the Sea of Cortez is relatively colder than the waters located in its southern regions. Because of this, you can find fishes in the northern Sea of Cortez that you cannot find when you travel southwards, and vice-versa. Loreto is fortunate to be located somewhere between the Sea of Cortez’s cold and warm waters.

During the changes in the seasons, different species of fishes travel from the southern to the northern part of Sea of Cortez, or else from south to north. In doing so, millions of fishes of all sorts and species pass by the waters of Loreto in their way to other areas in the Sea of Cortez. The dorado and the yellowtail are the two most popular game fishes that tourists and fishing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Loreto for every year.

As the summer months arrive in Loreto, thousands of dorados swarm northward towards to Midriff area where waters are lower in temperature. During the peak month of July, you can find dorados in impressive numbers and sizes frolicking on the surface of Loreto’s blue waters. Starting from June to August every year, a number of dorado fly fishing, angling and spear fishing contests take place along Loreto’s pristine white sand beaches.

Winter and spring fishing in Loreto, Baja California Sur on the other hand, puts the yellowtail amber jack on center stage. These strong-bodied fishes abound in Loreto’s waters starting from November and lasting as long as April the following year. It is interesting to note that these two popular game fishes in Loreto rewuire different fishing techniques and skills in order for them to get caught. Dorados have the habit of swimming near the surface of the water while yellowtails like drifting around rocky sea beds.

Aside from dorados in the summer and yellowtails in winter and spring, there are also many kinds of fishes in Loreto that appear all throughout the year or in different seasons. Black marlins, yellowfin tunas, Atlantic blue marlins, snappers, and sailfishes can also be found when fishing in Loreto, Baja California.

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