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Sport fishing in La Paz

Being close to the ocean, much La Paz’s economy is connected to the sea – from tourism geared towards the promotion of its beaches, to pearl diving and, of course, fishing. Like most of the waters connected to the state Baja California, the seas bordering La Paz is home to a wide variety of fish, making fishing in La Paz not simply a way of life but an enjoyable and exciting sport as well.

What makes fishing in La Paz particularly enjoyable for visitors and locals alike is the fact that most of their fish swim very close to shore – even the larger game fish, such as the Baja staples dorado, yellowtail, sailfish, marlin, grouper, yellowfin tuna, and roosterfish. The calm waters are said to increase the chance of a very good payoff, which is why many fishing enthusiasts (whether sport or casual) are so eager to indulge in La Paz fishing.

Fishing in La Paz means you have to abide by the rules – because of the diversity of the marine life in the Sea of Cortez (also referred to as the Gulf of California), the locals are adamant about protecting taking good care of it. Individuals are allowed only one line in the water at one time, and fishing permits do not cover any species of shellfish or crustacean. Electrified reels are prohibited, and are only allowed when the fisherman in question is disabled and has filed all the necessary documents in acquiring the proper authorization.

There are also limits with regards to the number of fish you may catch when fishing (especially sport fishing) in La Paz: only ten a day, five of each specie in deeper areas. The above limit is further limited when marlin, sailfish, swordfish, shark, dorado, roosterfish and shad are involved – each individual fish of these types are equivalent to five regular fish. You are allowed to catch less fish the closer you are in-land or when you are underwater fishing in La Paz.

The prohibitions, however, don’t deprive you of the exhilarating experience of La Paz fishing. Spearfishing is among the most exciting activities that visitors are allowed to indulge in when in La Paz. Surrounded by the clear waters, you can easily see everything up to the distance of a hundred feet and hunt for the fish of your choice. This way, as you play a game of tag with your target, you will truly appreciate the majesty of the Cortez.

If adventure tends to be a little too much for you, and if you prefer the quiet patience of fly-fishing or angling, then it’s no problem either. You can hire a boat to take you to any spot in La Paz’s waters, cast your line and take in the peace that so aptly fits the city’s name La Paz.

Whatever way you wish to stage your marine encounters, know that fishing in La Paz can add something that’s extra special.

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