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Special Tourist Police Force to be Created in Baja

In recent months, the number of carjacking assaults and extortion committed in Baja California Sur, more specifically in the Tijuana-Rosarito areas has greatly increased in number. Recent reports however have shown that it is not just the number of these occurrences that has increased, but the level of violence and precision that the crimes have been committed with have developed as well. When before, visitors and tourists get held up along highways by corrupt policemen for a few minutes and extorted of money, now, these criminals operate with military-like precision and strategies.

As expected, the growing number of these crimes and the spread of news pertaining to these occurrences has lead to a downward decline in the region’s tourism. In order to remedy the situation however, there has been word that newly sworn Mayor of Tijuana, Baja California plans to create a special group of police solely dedicated to protecting tourists and visitors from crimes such as these as well as in identifying and capturing corrupt police officials.

The creation of this special tourist police force in Tijuana would not just protect those tourists already in Baja California, but it would also help the region attract more visitors and tourists to help bolster up Baja’s tourism industry.

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