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Snow falls in Baja California

Since the 12th of December this year, local public safety officials have been issuing safety warnings to those intending to drive along the mountainous areas of Baja California Norte due to unexpected snow fall. A valley in Baja California Norte called the Valley of Trinity, according to reports, is greatly affected by this sudden fall of snow and several car accidents have recently occurred in the area. The temperature in the area is bordering on zero degrees Celcius. The higher regions of the valley is reported to be covered in several inches of snow. Although not unheard of, this kind of weather in Baja California rarely occurs and so residents and tourists maybe unprepared for this kind of weather.

Lowered temperatures may cause fogs which in turn may lead to lower road visibility. It is also possible for drivers to lose control of their vehicles due to slippery roads that have been covered with ice.

The Baja California public safety group called the Angeles Verdes are patrolling the Trinity Valley as well as the Ensenada highway in search of people needing help and assistance. Driving in the Baja California Norte region is considered safe just as long as drivers abide by traffic rules and apply additional caution.

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