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Silver crafts in Baja

Mexican silver crafted items have a reputation of being well-made, creatively designed and highly valued. Silver actually has a rich history in Mexico that out dates even colonial times and the country is known to have numerous silver mines scattered all over it. Having this precious whitish metal as an available resource for centuries, it comes as no surprise that Mexicans have discovered for themselves a craft and art of silver smithing and silver crafting which produces silver works of immense beauty and value.

And since the peninsula of Baja California is part of Mexico, it clearly would be a shame to visit the peninsula and leave without bringing home at least one piece of Mexican silver item with you. For tourists, visitors and vacationers who happen to come to Baja California, make sure you stop by one of the many stores, stalls, and shopping areas in Baja that sell Mexican silver in all sorts of forms and shapes.

In recent centuries, silver in Mexico and in other countries was used to make coins, religious objects, medicine and even as part of an edible recipe. Nowadays though, silver has become a popular jewelry component. In certain trends and periods, it has even replaced gold. Not only is it cheaper than gold which makes it more accessible, it is also harder and more durable than gold. Many people also think that its silver-white color is easier to match with clothes and other accessories compared to the yellowish hue of gold.

For silver jewelry lovers, Baja California is nothing short of heaven. You can find silver bangles, pendants, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, belly button rings, tongue rings, and other silver jewelry pieces of all types, shapes and sizes. The variety of silver jewelry in Baja California is just outstanding. You can find silver used along with glass beads, wood, porcelain, gold, copper, turquoise, jade, gems and diamonds in countless combinations and designs.

One can even have custom made silver jewelry pieces made for them while in Baja California. These can be as simple as necklaces and bracelets with your name as design or as ornate as a diamond studded custom made silver engagement ring. Better still, the price of silver jewelry in Baja California can be 20% to almost 80% lower than those sold in stores, malls and designer boutiques in nearby Los Angeles or San Diego.

But silver in Mexico is not just limited to jewelry. Belt buckles, pens, spoons, picture frames, hair pins, head bands, lighters, jewelry boxes, money clips, platters, vases, sculptures, watches, bottles, and all sorts of other items made of silver can also be found in Baja California. And all these feature uncommonly great quality and sold for unbelievably low prices.

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