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Shops in Loreto

Loreto, Baja California Sur is known for its old world quaintness that is so contrasting to the other tourist-infested, commercially-driven Baja California municipalities. Almost every recreational activity in Loreto, from swimming, sunbathing, golfing, dining to whale watching, follows a leisurely, unhurried pace. Even shopping, that practical and recreational activity that requires great amounts of energy and a pair of comfortable shoes, takes on a slower, more enjoyable pace when done in Loreto.

Shopping in Loreto is nothing like the stressing and tiring activity that many vacationers and tourists experience when shopping in new, unfamiliar places. No over-crowded, open-air markets and no dull, run-of-the-mill malls exist in Loreto. There are also no stores and boutiques in Loreto that sell signature branded clothes, bags, shoes and trinkets. Where large, gray malls or densely-packed markets should be are colorful Loreto shops, stores and boutiques lining the quaint cobblestoned streets and alleys.

When shopping in Loreto, make sure to stop by the Casa de la Abuela. This brick and adobe building that has only grown more beautiful and elegant-looking with the passing of years is host to a number of small boutiques and stores selling anything from leather boots to woven rugs. You can easily find this charming shopping area at the end of famous Salvatierra street where it is open all days of the week.

As you drive or walk by the Salvatierra street, you might notice a small sign informing you that you are in front of Loreto’s Silver Desert. The Silver Desert is similar to the Casa de la Abuela in that it also houses several stores and shops. However, all the stores in the Silver Desert sell fine silver jewelry of all kinds. Mexico is known for being one of the world’s top silver producers. And Loreto shoppers can find silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets and even silver tiaras in the Silver Desert. Shoppers also need not worry about being conned into buying fake silver jewelry pieces because all stores and jewelry pieces in the Silver Desert complies with the local law of using 0.925 and 0.950 % silver.

The Lunenoma is also a jewelry shop in Loreto. But unlike the Silver Desert which exclusively sells silver jewelry, the Lunenoma also has jewelry pieces made of shells, sea glass, bronze, gold, crystals and gems. Because of the one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry in Lunenoma, many young girls and even some Hollywood celebrities love shopping there.

Colibri is another shop found along the corner of Independencia avenue and Salvatierra street in Loreto. Shoppers can find traditional Mexican artists products or productos artisanias in this interesting shop. Plates, jars and other pottery are popular items sold in Colibri. Tourists can also find beautifully-made blankets, clay figurines, wood sculptures, silver ornaments and hand-woven baskets.

Of course, no Loreto shopping spree will not be complete without a quick stop in El Alacran. Many consider El Alacran the largest and best-equipped shop in Loreto. Aside from the many stores selling productos artisanias, you can also find stores selling souvenir shirts and caps, fishing bait, swim suits, snorkeling equipment and rustic furniture. There is even a charming little gallery found in this store where paintigns and photographs of local artists are featured.

Whether you’re looking for authentic Mexican art crafts, hunting for one-of-a-kind jewelry, in need of a souvenir to take home, or you simply want a fun, relaxing time, then Loreto shopping is the activity for you.

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