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Shopping in San Jose del Cabo

All girls agree that when it comes to self-indulgence, shopping definitely tops the list. Shopping encourages the influx of dopamine, the feel good enzyme that provides for the temporary feeling of high and bliss. Thus if you are craving for that exciting and happy feeling, rent a car and drive all the way to San Jose del Cabo!

San Jose del Cabo is a one of a kind shopping destination in Mexico. Its clear blue skies, picturesque surroundings, tangy smell of the sea and the refreshing breeze from the Pacific adds to the place’s unique shopping experience.

San Jose del Cabo provides for an original shopping opportunity. It features an interesting conglomeration of the differing styles and fashion most desired by tourist. When it comes to shopping, the two main streets of San Jose come to mind. These are from Ignacio Zaragoza through the Baja Highway One, and Boulevard Mijares at the bottom of the hill. In these areas, people can hoard on jewelries, watches, gemstones, fragrances, make-up, wine, and brand-name items because of their low prices. Shoppers can choose from the variety of silver jewelries, kitchenware, vases and assorted home decorations.

Excited for a little grocery shopping? Try the market on Ignacio Zaragosa that is located on the back of the main highway, on the edge of the town.

There is definitely much, much more. The Costa Azul Surf Shop is the best renting and gadget shop for those in search of surf apparel, snorkel maps, surfboard rentals. The Costa Azul Surf Shop also offers surfing lessons and repairs. This shop is located on the main highway at kilometer 28 just outside the town by the beach. It is open from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Its contact coordinates is 011-52 (624) 142-2771 (telephone), 011-52 (624) 172-6011 (fax).

For those in search of fine jewelries, the La Mina sells an impressive selection of precious stones, diamonds and opals. The shop is located at Boulevard Mujares #3-c, San Jose del Cabo with contact coordinates 011-52 (624) 142-3747.

Looking for shops that sell novelty items and one-of-a-kind goods, try La Tienda which is located just outside the town, in the lobby of La Jolla de los Cabos. They have magnificent jewelry items, gifts, shirts and souvenir items.

Also don’t, I really mean don’t forget to check out the amazing Sol Dorado Gallery which features assorted hand-painted ceramics, carved woods, glasses, and other unique handicrafts.

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