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Shopping in East Cape

Baja California’s East Cape seems to be synonymous with tropic perfection. Here you will find beaches so pristine and untouched that they do not even have names yet. There are hotels and inns in East Cape whose interiors complement the natural beauty and local culture of East Cape. There are also restaurants here that serve the most delectable Mexican dishes made from the freshest choice ingredients found and grown right there in Baja California. Recreational activities such as fishing, scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling also take on a new level of fun and enjoyment when done in East Cape. Probably the only recreational activity that takes a backseat in East Cape is shopping.

Shopping is one of those activities that any vacation or trip cannot be completed without. The need for souvenirs, knick knacks, local art crafts, furniture pieces, clothing, and other items to be brought home as keepsakes for the trip are usually sold in commercial districts, public areas and tourist spots. Baja California which is a popular tourist destination to people from all over the globe is known for several very exciting and affordable shopping places. Ensenada, La Paz, Loreto, Los Cabos and Tijuana are just some of the place in Baja California where shopping is such an enjoyable thing to do. However, East Cape is one of the very, very few places in the entire Baja California peninsula where shopping is not such a recommendable pastime for tourists and vacationers to engage in.

To vacationers and tourists planning to spend sometime in the beautiful East Cape of Baja California, it is strongly recommended that you purchase all the necessary items you think you may need before heading to East Cape because most likely, you are not to find any store or mall that sells whatever it is you are looking for. East Cape prides itself for its being a secluded and untouched piece of paradise even if it is conveniently located near large cities and resort towns. Thus, there are no malls and large shopping districts in East Cape since the presence of those large commercial establishments will not coincide with the peaceful and natural character of East Cape.

However, if you do find yourself in East Cape and in need of some basic items, try going to the San Martin Market in Cabo Pulmo. This is just a very small market where they sell some very basic items such as food, toiletry items, clothing and a few choices of souvenirs.

East Cape is a favorite destination of campers and hikers, in short, people who like experiencing a few dance roughing it in the wild and enjoying the pleasures that the natural environment has to offer.

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