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Shopping around Baja

The peninsula of Baja California, Mexico is like one big shopping destination. In fact, it is said that almost 10 million people come to Baja California every year specifically to shop. Imagine, 10 million people in just a year going to another country to shop when they can do it wherever in the world they may be. It makes you wonder what is so special about Baja shopping that millions flock to experience it every year.

Low prices and plenty of bargain shopping is one reason why Baja shopping is so great. A bottle of gourmet tequila in New York or Los Angeles for instance would cost several hundreds, maybe thousands, of dollars. However, when you do go to Baja California, you might find the same bottle of gourmet tequila sold for a price around 25% to 75% less. Many markets, bazaars and shops in Baja California allow customers to haggle and bargain, making Baja California shopping a very dynamic and money-saving activity.

Variety, and a great deal of it too, is also something which Baja California shopping is famous for. Large, well-visited shopping areas in Baja such as the Avenida Revolucion, Boulevard Lopez Mateos or the Puerto Paraiso Mall offer a wide array of things and items to choose from. You can shop for leather jackets, jewelry, furniture, artwork, textile products, spirits and several other knickknacks in these shopping places.

Novelty is also something which shoppers travel to Baja California for. Unique items you would not find anywhere else in the planet such as Mexican artworks, furniture, ponchos, sombreros, local tequila and wine, Mexican food stuffs, pottery and silver works are just some of the interesting things sold in Baja California stores, markets, bazaars, shops and malls.

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