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One would wonder why millions and millions of residents of such a large and prosperous city such as San Diego, California would decide to cross the international border in order to shop in Baja California when they have several boutiques and malls located close at hand. It is estimated that almost 10 million people come to Baja California every year in order to go shopping there. Regardless of the fact that neighboring areas such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles have numerous malls and fashionable shopping districts, Baja California continues to be a favorite shopping destination in North America.

The great difference in price is one of the main reasons why millions of people come to Baja California to shop. You can buy almost anything, from furniture to pharmaceutical drugs to clothing items, in Baja California for a price way more affordable that in bought in the United States. A decent pair of women’s leather boots for instance, can cost anything from $700 dollars to $2500 if bought in a shoe store in San Diego, California. While if you go to Tijuana or Ensenada, you can buy a fashionable and well-made pair of lady’s boots for $350 to $500. You can even find leather imitation boots in Baja which sell for $100 to $120 dollars.

Aside from the cheaper price tags, bargaining is another aspect that is very popular in Baja stores and shopping districts. Majority of the stores and stalls found in bazaars, marketplaces and shopping districts in Tijuana, Mexicali, Ensenada, Rosarito, Los Cabos and other Baja cities allow bargaining. All it takes is a combination of charm, politeness and wit and you can easily bargain your way into buying many a wonderful things in Baja California.

Of course, buying in bulk would lower the price even further. Sterling silver bracelets for instance, if bought in Baja California by the dozens, may cause 10% to %50 less. It is amazing how you can find items in Baja California that are almost 90% cheaper than those sold in malls and boutiques in its neighboring city of San Diego. The savings that one can accumulate from shopping in Baja California, Mexico can be quite an impressive amount which is why many people from all over the world are lured into shopping here.

However, price is not the only reason that makes Baja shopping such an appealing activity. Novelty, craftsmanship and variety are also some of the desirable traits that Baja products are known all over the world for.

When it comes to silver work, there are only a handful of places in the entire planet that can rival Baja California. Shoppers can buy silver necklaces, picture frames, teapots, spoons and figurines for almost half the price of those in the United States. The Mexican law has provided ample rules and regulations in order to ensure that the products consumers buy in Baja are of fine quality and of genuine materials.

Leather is another luxury material that can be bought in Baja for low prices. Ostrich leather bags, sheepskin coats, lambskin jackets, snake skin shoes, crocodile skin belt, and suede pants aplenty are found right across the border in Baja. The designs and styles are also beautiful enough to rival those in designer boutiques in San Diego.

From chic suede coats, unique local craft works, bottles of genuine tequila, exquisite silver jewelry, affordable pharmaceutical drugs, and interesting furniture pieces, all these and more are available right across the international border in Baja California.

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