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Santispac and other beaches in Mulege

The abundance and beauty of the Gulf of California is famous not just in Northern America but all over the world. This biologically diverse body of water is considered as a marvelous natural treasure due to the rich diversity of plant and animal life that can be found living within its crystal clear waters. The Gulf of California, due to its pristine nature and diversity lends its beauty and riches to the towns, villages and cities that lie along its borders and shares its beaches. One such very fortunate town that hugs the shores of the Gulf of California is the Mexican town of Mulege in Baja California Sur.

Among the locals of Mulege, the Gulf of California is known as the Mar de Cortes or the Sea of Cortez. This Baja town is situated in a valley that is found between two hills. A stream runs along it which is borderd by swaying palm trees and mangroves. This stream then opens up and joins its waters with that of the bountiful Sea of Cortez. With such and such a location, it comes as no surprise that this little Baja town has some very spectacular beaches and shores.

Punta Chivato
The Punta Chivato is a series of beaches found around 12 to 15 miles northeast of Mulege proper. It is peacefully secluded but still conveniently located since it is near a small village called Palo Verde which is accessible through a highway. Here at the Punta Chivato, vacationers and tourists can enjoy miles and miles of magnificent beaches of powdery soft sand.

For accommodations near the Punta Chivato, you can choose to stay at the Punta Chivato Hotel, hook-up your RV in one of the RV parks along the beach, or enjoy the outdoors by setting camp in one of the many campgrounds.

Coyote Beach
Called the Bahia Coyote, El Coyote or simply Coyote Beach, this Mulege beach found a few miles south of the town is one of the best places you can go to in Mulege to enjoy the sand and the waves. The beaches and coves at El Coyote are picturesque and seems almost untouched. This is a great place to swim in because of the crystal clear water that takes up a tantalizing turquoise blue color which get darker farther of from the shores. There are no RV hook-ups or unsightly establishments found along the Coyote Beach which makes staying here a natural and peaceful activity.

Santipac Beach and Los Cocos
These two Mulege beaches are found adjacent to each other and are popular among tourists. Both beaches are close to some restaurants, camping grounds, and the highway which makes them very accessible to anyone. The downside whoever is that these Mulege beaches may tend to become crowded especially during peak seasons.

Other beautiful Mulege beaches you can visit are the Playa Mulege, El Burro Beach, Buenaventura Beach and the El Requeson.

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