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San Quintin west coast of Baja California

What makes the peninsula of Baja California such a wonderful place to visit is the fact that it has several large and populous resort towns and cities as well as plenty small and charming villages and coastal towns. Now and again, tourists and vacationers may grow tired of the same luxurious beaches and emerald green golf courses and desire to be somewhere rustic and quaint. One such place that Baja tourists may go to is the coastal town of San Quintin in the municipality of Ensenada.

San Quintin is located at the western regions of Baja California where its white sand beaches line the vibrant blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. Surfers, fishing enthusiasts, scuba divers, swimmers and beach lovers in general are sure to take delight in San Quintin’s numerous bays and beaches, all of which are distinctly magnificent. This Baja town is also a haven for different kinds of birds which is why it is one of the very few places in Baja California where you can try geese or quail hunting.

Enjoy a relaxing morning of bird watching, a quaint afternoon of clam digging and an appetizing night of dining out while staying in San Quintin, Baja California.

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