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San Quintin great place for clamming

Dubbed as the Clamming Capital of Baja California, the beaches and shores of San Quintin are embedded with a species of mollusk that transforms these beaches into gold mines. Believe it or not, San Quintin earns about 5 millions dollars every year thanks to its oyster and clam industry. And no wonder San Quintin is called the Clam Capital of Baja when there are about 30 million clams are harvested from the clear, warm waters of San Quintin beaches every year and sold in markets and restaurants in Baja California or else shipped to the United States.

The question, why is it that San Quintin is blessed with so much clams and oysters when there are other towns and coastal cities in Baja that are also located along the western region of the peninsula where they are all open to the waves of the Pacific Ocean. The answer is because San Quintin is blessed with some natural factors that transform its beaches from just ordinary shores to perfect clam beds.

San Quintin is known for its deep inner bay and its wide expansive outer bay, both of which are natural beautiful and bountiful. Here are the bays of San Quintin and the beaches found in them, clams and oysters in their millions abound especially at low tide. These two determining factors that makes San Quintin a haven of clams and oysters is the ocean current and its volcanoes.

An unusual ocean current exists along the bay of San Quintin. The effect of this current is that it carries with it the rich nutrients found at the bottom of the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean and brings it all the way into the bay and the beach. It is these nutrients that provide nourishment and food to the millions of clams and oysters lying in wait along the shallow waters and the beach.

Another additional natural factor that attracted this multitude of clams and oysters to live, reproduce and grown in San Quintin Bay is the presence of the volcanoes around the bay. There are twelve volcanoes standing all around the bay area of San Quintin, all of which are extinct. Nonetheless, these volcanoes have once been active a long time ago and the soil all around them are volcanic soil. As we all know, volcanic soil is very fertile and full of nutrients. It is these nutrients coming from the soil in, around and under the San Quintin Bay that helps the clams and oysters to grow and multiply.

Clams in San Quintin however, do not just function as natural resources. With the millions of tourists and vacationers coming to Baja California, these clams and oysters hold a different kind of attraction. Activities such as clamming and digging for oysters is a very unique and enjoyable recreational activity, not to mention it is also very functional since you can actually cook and eat the clams you have found.

So grab a pail and shovel and discover the joys of clamming here at San Quintin, Baja California!

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