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San Quintin food and restaurants

The Baja California Peninsula, nestled between two large, abundant bodies of water, is home to several noteworthy coastal towns and villages. These small and seemingly insignificant towns and communities mainly derive their livelihood from the bodies of water lining their shores. These beaches do not just attract millions of tourists and vacationers due to their natural beauty and the recreational activities they make possible but they also provide the coastal communities with fish and other resources derived from the sea. The abundance of fishes and other kinds of seafood has lead to the flourishing business of restaurants, especially seafood restaurants, in these areas. One such coastal town in Baja where the restaurant business is booming is the small town of San Quintin.

San Quintin is an excellent place for dining out. Agriculture and fishing are both major industries in this fine Baja California community. Thus, San Quintin restaurants have the advantage of having fresh, affordable ingredients close at hand. Whether a certain dish calls for fresh oysters or lobsters, or maybe newly harvested sweet potato and squash, these and so many other ingredients can be bought instantly in the markets and stores. They can even get them right at the docks where the fishing boats deliver their catch or at the farms where the vegetables and fruits are grown.

Because of having the vast abundance of the Pacific Ocean just a few feet away, it comes as no surprise to see so many seafood restaurants established in this coastal Baja town. Be sure that you can find almost every seafood dish you could possibly crave for in San Quintin. San Quintin seafood restaurants serve anything from fresh oysters served in beds of ice, juicy slabs of meaty tuna, clams bathed in sauce and spices, to deep-fried crabs you cannot find anywhere else on earth.

San Quintin has plenty of those seafood restaurants with large tanks and aquariums where you point out the lucky fish or lobster you wan to make a meal off and the cook serves it for you. There are even San Quintin restaurants that cooks and serves the fish you have caught for you. The Old Mill’s Cannery Restaurant, Jardines Baja Restaurant, El Paraiso Seafood, La Pinta Hotel Restaurant and Celito Lindo Restaurant are just some of the best seafood restaurants found in San Quintin, Baja California.

Mexican restaurants are a must-have in any Baja California town or city and San Quintin has plenty of places where tourists and vacationers can get their fill of authentic Mexican cuisine. You can find expensive gourmet Mexican restaurants, medium priced Mexican restaurants and very affordable Mexican restaurants in San Quintin. There are even plenty of stalls and stands selling tacos, nachos and burritos that travelers and drivers are sure to like.

Bring your fishing rods, lobster crackers and bibs the next time you come to San Quintin for a new and exciting dining experience!

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