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San Quintin beaches

There is no doubt that some of the best beaches in Baja California are found in the small coastal town of San Quintin. The deciding factor that makes San Quintin such a great place for tourists, vacationers and beach lovers would definitely have to be its vast and picturesque bay.

The Bay of San Quintin is divided into an inner bay and an outer one. The inner bay is called the Bahia San Quintin and runs a few miles north and several miles south where it finally opens up to the outer bay. Here at San Quintin beaches located in the inner bay region, popular seaside recreational activities include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing. The waters beyond these San Quintin beaches are very safe because the surrounding land area minimizes the occasion of rough waters and high tides.

This relative security of the inner bay in San Quintin makes it a great place for parents to bring their families for a fun oceanside vacation. Kids are sure to enjoy the warm shallow waters near the beach where they can dig up beautiful shells and even clams. Farther along the bay however, the waters get very deep making it a wonderful area to boat and fish. Boating, sports fishing and kayaking are also great pastimes to try at San Quintin beaches located at the inner bay because the bay provides a safe and secure anchorage that boats and small yachts will benefit from.

Hotel accommodations, restaurants and other necessary facilities are also found conveniently close to these San Quintin beaches. There are even hotels and lodges in San Quintin that are found directly across the San Quintin beaches so that beach lovers can enjoy a great day in the pristine beaches without being to far from the conveniences available in their hotels.

San Quintin’s outer bay is known as Bahia Falsa or False Bay and is another location where one can find several very beautiful and interesting beaches. Its name may have been because this San Quintin bay and beaches, although called an outer bay, is still not completely open to the winds and tides of the Pacific Ocean. A small strip of land formation juts from out of the water and divides the bay from the rest of the Pacific Ocean.

In San Quintin beaches found in the outer bay, beach lovers can enjoy recreational activities such as surfing, parasailing and even surf fishing. The San Quintin Bay is very wide so that vacationers here can enjoy combing beach after beach after beach, all of which are pristine and clean beaches. Playa Santa Maria and Playa Medano are just some of the names of San Quintin beaches that tourists are sure to like.

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