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San Jose Real Estate

The real estate in San Jose del Cabo is astonishing. Far from the sleepy village situated at the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula it was once then, San Jose del Cabo transformed into one of the premier travel destination in Mexico.

Real estate in San Jose del Cabo is closely following the expansive growth of Cabo San Lucas real estate. Well it’s really no wonder, who wouldn’t adore San Jose del Cabo’s refreshing environment, charming infrastructures and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean? The increasing real estate popularity and marketability of this place is evident in the additional number of houses being built in the town.

San Jose del Cabo features an impressive combination of excitement and tranquility. It provides for easy access to various in-demand amenities like golf courses, spas, beach clubs and resorts. There are also humongous mansions, condominiums, vacation houses, and affordable houses sprawled over San Jose del Cabo. Such houses are especially tailored to provide for the privacy, security and amenities that you desire.

Living in San Jose del Cabo is like living in paradise. You always have a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, as well as, fuss-free access to beautiful white sandy beaches. Transportation is also not an issue. There are numerous buses, boats and other means of transportation available for you. Furthermore, San Jose del Cabo is not only expanding in its tourism capabilities but other industries too.

Moreover, with the revision of the made within Mexico’s foreign investment allow, foreign nationals are now given the opportunity to purchase coastal properties or fideicomiso.

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