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San Felipe

Are you looking for a possible hangout this coming spring break? Why not try Baja California’s very own San Felipe? If people living in Western U.S. states like it here, chances are you will have a grand time in San Felipe as well. Besides residents of Western U.S. states, San Felipe also has tourists coming from Northern Mexico, not just during spring break but all year round.

You may be wondering what does San Felipe has to offer.

Of course, there are the beaches. Spring break is not really a spring break without the beach, sun, sand, bikini-clad ladies, and hot lifeguards. San Felipe has enough beaches for locals and tourists alike. Plus, there are nightclubs and bars within walking distance. Partying day and night is not entirely a new idea in San Felipe. In fact, it is almost a tradition.

In case you had your fill of beaches, San Felipe can still be a worthy destination. One interesting trivia about San Felipe is that it is situated right where desert meets the sea. So if you are tired of water, you can always set a camp on the desert. There are campsites and RV parks available for all nature lovers out there.

If you are a fan of off-road racing events, you are most welcome to San Felipe. This city is popular for off-road racing events like San Felipe 250 and Baja 250. Considering its own-of-a-kind ecosystem of desert-meets-sea, it is not that surprising to learn that sports enthusiasts prefer racing in San Felipe’s terrain than any other place.

While all these sound wonderful, nothing beats the real thing. So book a flight and experience San Felipe.

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