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Safety of Tourists from Extortion in Baja is Improving

It seems like the all out war declared by local governments in the peninsula of Baja California and the many proactive steps taken these past few months are now bearing fruits as reports show that the safety situation of tourists in Baja is showing signs of improvement.

Because of the increasing number of reports made by tourists and vacationers during the later part of last year, the tourism economy of Baja California Norte cities such as Tijuana and Rosarito have taken a toll. Corrupt policemen or criminals posing as police officers were said to have been extorting innocent tourists which has lead to a slack in the areas tourism economy. The local government of Baja California including the governor and mayors of the city have taken many steps in order to put a stop to these attacks and to make Baja safe for tourists again.

Such steps included reorganization of certain police stations, the creation of a tourism police patrol, increase in police officers’ salaries, stricter rules of conduct for police officials and several more steps. According to State Tourism Secretary Oscar Escobedo Carignan, the number of extortion attacks on tourists have greatly decreased. Not only that but the past month, January of 2008, was said to have been free of any reported extortion activities. Hopefully, this keeps up and in no time soon, the tourist economy of Baja California would be as lively and prosperous again.

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