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Rosarito Tourist Police Force Starts Patrolling

The new Rosarito Tourist Police Force was officially launched after a ceremony held on the 14th of March 2008. The said ceremony was attended by Baja and Rosarito local officials including Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres.

This newly launched special tourist police force was made up of 18 officials carefully selected specifically for this much needed task of patrolling and guarding areas in Rosarito City, Baja California that are frequently visited by many tourists and vacationers. These tourist hot spots include Rosarito beaches, public venues, restaurant and hotel districts, and commercial zones among others. The Popotla Boulevard which is always busy with tourists and vacationers looking for souvenirs and artworks, the seafood haven of Puerto Nuevo Lobster Village and the Xploration Studios and tours area are also top areas where the 18 member Rosarito tourist police force would vigilantly patrol.

In order to make the Rosarito Tourist Police officers easier to distinguish from others, they have been given black and gray police uniforms as well as identification badges. Aside from walking around busy tourist spots, these officers would also use police cars and bicycles. Aside from the special tourist police force, there are also 150 members of the Rosarito Police Department and more than 300 volunteer Rosarito residents who would patrol the city and keep it safe for tourists and locals alike.

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