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Rosarito Theatre Guild Art and Craft Event

Every year, the Rosarito Theater Guild extend their support and appreciation to the cultural community of Baja California. This community, made up of both local Mexican and American expatriate artists and art lovers, are treated to a series of cultural events and celebrations over the past years and this year, another one of these cultural events that aim to benefit the cultural community of Baja is about to be held again.

This year, the Rosarito Theatre Guild would again celebrate their annual arts and crafts exhibit and sale and this 2008 would be the 7th year that they host this said cultural event. The Arts and Crafts Sale and Exhibit of the Rosarito Theatre Guild would be held from Friday, the 16th of May, until Sunday which is the 18th of May 2008. Show hours from Friday to Saturday would be scheduled at 1pm to 6pm while that of Sunday would start at 11 in the morning and end at 4 in the afternoon. The specific location for the sale and exhibit expo would the Old Vic Theater in Rosarito, Baja California.

Expect to find numerous activities and attractions offered at the 2008 Rosarito Theatre Guild Arts and Crafts Fair. From custom jewelry making, rock painting, auctions, cabaret shows, acting classes, variety shows, a production of “Steel Magnolias” and many more. Some of the items said to be featured in this year’s event and which would be sold to participants include paintings and sculptures made by both local and foreign artisans, blown glass works, mosaics, Potpourri crafts items, homemade candies, home decorations and many others.

For more information about the event or about the Rosarito Beach Theatre Guild, contact Ms. Clara Anderson at phone numbers 664-631-2015 (for those in Mexico), 619-270-2116 (for those in the United States) or send an email at

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