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Rosarito Still Hard at Work Improving Tourist Security

Owner of Rosarito Beach Hotel and also winner of the mayoral election in Rosarito City, Baja California Mayor Hugo Torres continues his active part in the campaign against crime and extortion in his fine Mexican city. Even from the beginning of his campaign, Mayor Hugo Torres clearly stated that transforming the City of Rosarito into a safe and peaceful community for residents and tourists is a big part of his plans as mayor and it is clear that Torres is keeping up with his goals.

Aside from the creation of a Tourist Police force that would provide additional neighborhood patrols and tourist security to the Baja city of Rosarito, part of Mayor Hugo Torres campaign also involves the creation of a special ombudsman’s office. This office would be open 24-hours to tourists and visitors who need legal information and aid. Many tourists are giving positive feed back regarding this special ombudsman’s office because many tourists and visitors who have been attacked and extorted find it difficult to seek legal redress and assistance in such a foreign country.

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