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Rosarito Firefighters now Certified to deal with Toxic Substances

The fire and rescue team of Rosarito, Baja California have recently been given their certifications after going through basic training in recognizing and handling situations involving toxic chemicals and substances. The new knowledge and skills that Rosarito’s fire and rescue team have developed are expected to create new trust and positive feedback from local citizens and tourists who vacation in Rosarito, Baja California.

Forty individuals from Rosarito’s fire and rescue team underwent the first of a five-level training program taught by a trainer from the Training Institute of California by the name of Carlos Bejar. According to him, the first level of training imparts among the trainees a basic and theoretical knowledge of recognizing and dealing with toxic substances. It is in the second until the fifth level that practical skills and knowledge can be learned through their training system.

Training Rosarito fire and rescue officers in dealing with circumstances that involve poisonous, toxic chemicals will serve to be very beneficial to the safety, not just of fire or chemical spill victims, but of the rescue team and fire brigade as well.

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