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Rosarito Fire Fighters lend a hand to Tabasco

Late October until November of 2007 saw a large portion of the State of Tabasco in Mexico submerged in several feet of flood waters due to several unfortunate conditions such as deforestation, constant rainfall and the sinking of its land area due to over extraction of oil and petroleum from the ground. These factors and more has resulted to Tabasco becoming a very flooding prone area, and the continues rainfall that fell on the area on October resulted to the fast flooding of the area which took many unprepared residents by surprised.

Because of this, many families had to be evacuated and those stranded atop their roofs and on the upper floors of their homes had to be rescued. In the spirit of brotherhood and unity, the local government of Rosarito in Baja California, headed by newly inaugurated Mayor Hugo Torres Chabert, sent some members of the Rosarito Fire Department to aid their fellow Mexican citizens in Tabasco in dealing with the flood and evacuation of its residents.

According to Hector Castelan, Chief of the Rosarito Fire Department, the eight fire department members sent to Tabasco all undertook training for aquatic rescue missions, making them very much capable of handling rescue situations such as those concerning high floods. It was early on in December of the same year when the members of the Rosarito Fire Department returned home after lending out a helping hand to their fellows in need and they were warmly welcomed back by Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres Chabert and the rest of the residents in Rosarito.

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