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Restaurants in Buenavista and the East Cape

In half a century, the small agricultural towns and fishing villages of Baja California have transformed into large tourist towns and resort communities. Nowadays, there are only a very few places in the peninsula that remains untouched and unexplored, one such secret place in Baja California is known as East Cape.

East Cape is located at the southeastern region of Baja California Sur, spanning around 70 miles from La Paz all the way to Los Cabos. As expected from a secluded and peaceful place, you are not to find any fast food joints or lavish gourmet restaurants in this area. Rather, East Cape offers a unique dining experience that you are sure to experience nowhere else in the world.

This long stretch of land called Baja’s East Cape is home to an abundance of leafy vegetables, tropical fruit trees, root crops, therapeutic plants and herbs, spices and several species of cacti. These edible natural resources are usually harvested by East Cape restaurants and served in many different dishes and ways of cooking. Guacamole, salsa, frijoles pintos (beans), calabaza (squash), fried camote (sweet potato), and jicama (Mexican potato or Mexican turnip) are commonly found in East Cape restaurant menus. Cactus salad of different kinds and tastes are also served in many Mexican East Cape restaurants. Other spiny plants that may look weird and intimidating when found growing in the wild are also popular East Cape cuisine ingredients, a great example in the popular Nopalitos made from a species of prickly pear called Nopales.

Dining in East Cape is also an activity that is richly infused with local culture. Mexican restaurants aplenty can be found in this naturally gifted region of Mexico. Some East Cape Mexican restaurants that you should consider trying are the El Caballero Restaurant, Hotel Rancho Leonaro, Tito’s Restaurant, Las Tres Banderas, Hotel Punta Colorado Restaurant, and Nancy Restaurant and Cantina. These East Cape Mexican restaurants vary in menu prices, entrée, dining atmosphere, location and in several other factors so that there is bound to be a Mexican restaurant in East Cape to suit any taste and budget.

Being found near the bountiful and eco-diverse waters of the Sea of Cortez, East Cape dining would not be complete without a taste of the localities seafood specialties. Aside from the many Mexican restaurants, there are also dozens of seafood restaurants in East Cape, Baja California. Even those which are not seafood restaurants serve dishes that feature ingredients harvested from the waters of the Sea of Cortez because the availability of fresh, affordable ingredients become very beneficial to restaurants in East Cape.

If you are tired of the same old boring restaurants that serve the same old boring dishes, come visit Baja California’s East Cape and discover a completely new dining experience!

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