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Resorts in Baja

There is no denying that with Baja California abundant oceans, pristine shores, towering mountain ranges and vast desert, this peninsula of natural wonders and exotic culture makes for the perfect vacation destination. In order to accommodate the millions of tourists and vacationers coming from all parts of the world, resort hotels of all sizes have been built in almost every city and large town in Baja California.

It seems like two kinds of resort hotels exist in Baja California. There are those resort hotels that take advantage of the availability of natural wonders in Baja and have built their hotels along the shores, in the deserts or on mountains. The other kinds are resort hotels that have been built to mimic the majestic outdoors in Baja California due to the limitations of their location and budget.

The Baja resort hotels that feature the natural beauty of the peninsula are flocked by millions of people every year. The resort hotels that line the shores of the Sea of Cortez or the Pacific Ocean and thus have easy access to the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are a favorite of those who love the sand, the sea and the sun. The municipalities of La Paz, Los Cabos, Ensenada and Loreto are just some of the places in Baja where you can find exceptionally amazing resort hotels that have beach access or better yet, their own private beaches.

Most of these Baja resort hotels can book sea-side recreational activities for their guests. If you want to try sports fishing for instance, many resort hotels in Baja California can help you get a Mexican fishing license as well as help you find fishing boats, guides and equipments. You can also inquire whether the resort hotel you are staying in can book you scuba diving tours, kayaking tours or whale watching tours.

For those staying in resort hotels found in the desert regions of Baja California, you can enjoy the ranch-like design of the hotel resort. Desert biking and desert tours are usually offered by these Baja resort hotels. Baja resort hotels located on along the foot of mountain ranges in Baja on the other hand, gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the Baja California peninsular mountain ranges right in the comforts of their own hotels.

Those Baja resort hotels that are not fortunate enough to be located on Baja’s natural wonders, especially those located within the cities, have the option to reflect the natural wonders of Baja by building pools, fountains and other gardens within their confines so that their guests can still enjoy the feeling of being in the beach, in the desert or on a mountain top while staying in a conveniently located resort hotel.

Whatever kind of resort hotel you might be staying in at Baja California, you are guaranteed to enjoy the many activities, breathtaking natural surroundings, and interesting local culture that Baja has to offer.

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