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Reforestation Campaign Started in Tijuana

At the 2nd of February 2008, Mayor Hugo Torres of Tijuana, Baja California heading the beginning of a reforestation campaign in the city. The mayor along with volunteers and other participants, planted young acacia and pirul trees along Scenic highway which commuters and tourists pass through every single day. Since the Tijuana scenic highway is always busy with passing vacationers and tourists, they found it to be the perfect place to begin the campaign so that visitors would see a picturesque view of trees the moment they enter the city of Tijuana.

The aim of this reforestation campaign is to improve the reputation of Tijuana according to Mayor Torres. Cleaning the city and reviving the lush, natural landscape of Tijuana though sanitation and reforestation campaigns such as this would help Tijuana establish a better image for the city as well as promote the preservation of Baja California’s natural resources. Furthermore, it was reported that mayor Torres spearheaded this program to inform and encourage the public to value and preserve the city’s natural wonders.

Reports also say that reforestation campaigns would soon begin in other Baja California cities such as Rosarito, Mexicali and Ensenada.

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